Bringing Baby Home

The Bringing Baby Home Workshop helps new parents learn valuable skills to keep their relationship strong and fulfilling as a couple. By doing so baby benefits. Research has shown that babies who are raised by content couples more easily form healthy attachments. They tend to have calmer and happier dispositions. They are impacted in positive neurological ways ( that improve their social, emotional, and cognitive development both in the short term and long term. The Bringing Baby Home Workshop is based on 40+ years of relationship research conducted by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman and their associates. If you or someone you know is pregnant, adopting, or currently co-parenting an infant (0-3 years of age) please join us for a Bringing Baby Home Workshop.

Bringing Baby Home Workshop


Parenthood has many joys and challenges. Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman and their associates conducted 16 studies (Gottman) and discovered that 67% of couples become less satisfied in their relationship within three years after bringing their baby home. The Gottmans studied the struggles of new parents along with what contributed to the contentment of the remaining 33% of couples. Children are impacted both neurologically and lifelong by what they hear, see, feel, and experience from their parents. Research shows that a couple’s emotional connection to one another is the true foundation for a baby’s development. 

Bringing Baby Home Workshop examines The Sound Relationship House theory which uses a house metaphor/concept model with several floors and two support walls that are key to having a secure marriage. As you attend Bringing Baby Home Workshop you will understand the importance of having a sound house and gain some valuable tools to strengthen your “house.”

How the Workshop can help you

From their research and clinical expertise working with couples, the Gottmans created training, and a manual for Bringing Baby Home educators to share with parents. The goal of this workshop is to help parents:
  •  Increase happiness, friendship, and unity as a couple.
  • Manage normal challenges and relationship conflicts with strategies that increase understanding and affection.
  • Understand the important role of parenthood and promote positive baby interactions.
All parents or soon to be parents (or caregiver couples) are welcome to attend this 12 hour workshop (divided into shorter sessions over a series of weeks). The curriculum is focused on parents who have (or will be raising) a baby or young child (0-3 years of age). 

This workshop format includes presentations, video clips, and many interactive activities with your partner. We cover both the content in the Gottman Bringing Baby Home Workbook and follow the format the Gottmans endorse as evidence based and effective for learning. Each couple will purchase a Gottman Bringing Baby Home Workbook which is a great resource to have during and after this workshop. This is a fun, meaningful and popular workshop. We welcome you to join us.

Bringing Baby Home Workshop Cost is $425 per couple (plus the purchase of Gottman Bringing Baby Home Parent’s Workbook digital materials which costs $49).  See Discounts for Microsoft, Amazon, and the US Military.
Microsoft or Amazon employee?

Bringing Baby Home workshops are covered in full for Microsoft employees. Contact your EAP and let them know you are planning to attend. For Amazon employees, it has been reported by clients that a reimbursement can be accessed via the community wellness/nicotine dependency benefit. Contact HR if you have questions about this work benefit.
Active or Retired Military? 

Island Sound Counseling offers a 10% discount. Thank you for your service.
Interested in attending a Bringing Baby Home Workshop? For Information on upcoming virtual workshops and in-person workshop options in Oak Harbor, Washington please complete our Contact Information Form.

Bringing Baby Home Educators  

Faith and Rodney Franz are trained Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educators. They are a happily married couple who love spending time together along with Remi (their Bouvier des Flandres dog). Rodney served 20 years in the Navy. His hobbies include motorcycles, road trips, puzzles, and music. Faith has worked in the social service field for over 30 years. She enjoys biking, reading, fitness, and flute. Rodney and Faith highly value their relationships with friends, family, and their church community. They feel blessed to have happy, successful adult-age children.
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