Hopeful Spouse Coaching

Through hopeful spouse coaching there is support for your desire to save your marriage or consider next steps through ways that are healthy and constructive. The focus is self-change as the main vehicle for moving ahead to attempt to save the marriage or move ahead in a healthy manner.

It is ideal for both spouses to actively participate together in either couples therapy or discernment counseling. Sometimes however, this is not possible because one spouse is ambivalent or is divorce minded and not open to seeking discernment counseling. Meanwhile, the hopeful spouse desires to learn from this experience and gain clarity and confidence about how to proceed with the relationship. 

Hopeful spouse coaching is NOT for those who have psychological problems, need emotional support to make it through the week nor is it focused on gaining insight into the reasons the marriage became troubled. (For these needs individual counseling is a better resource).

Hopeful spouse coaching is structured and time limited (1 session weekly, 1-5 sessions total). If the other spouse becomes willing to come for discernment counseling then that process can be started. Other outcomes that result from hopeful spouse coaching include helping the hopeful spouse stay the course and continue to work on oneself while their spouse remains ambivalent, but has not initiated divorce yet or has moved towards divorce.

A Marriage Isn’t Over Unit It’s Over: Research on Divorce Ambivalence
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